Hardwood Selection

Traditionally, a homes hardwood flooring is coordinated with your homes cabinetry and other woodwork.  Our expert design professionals can help you choice a hardwood covering that is right for your home.


Expert advice and great products are only half of the equation.  What makes Royal Interiors different is the way we tailor each floor installation to the needs of the client and the years of continued support we provide long after your products are installed.  In addition to our hardwood installation services, we can sand, refinish and repair your old hardwood flooring. 

Hardwood flooring usually comes in three unique varieties - parquet, strip and plank. Strip flooring comes in 1.5-inch to 5.25-inch segments.  Plank flooring strips are wider in size than parquet floors, which are composed of individual squares arranged in a geometric pattern.

Hardwood flooring design ideas